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Mailchimp and Shopify aren't working together anymore, so what to do now? How is this can two giant companies split up like this? Well official explanation from Mailchimp side can be found on their statement here, and explanation from Shopify's side is here.

But in short they both ended relationship since May 12 2019. Rumors has it that Mailchimp is just making excuses because they are working on their own ecommerce platform to be in competition with Shopify.

So with this I present 4 alternatives. Please note this is more of my personal opinion and choosing an alternative will be different for everyone.


info here

Summary: In short it's the most compatible email marketing platform with Shopify. It syncs flawlessly and gathers many data that can be used.

Pros: It's very advanced and what is the big companies and pro agencies use. Can create automations, flows, any many more. Offers easy migration away from Mailchimp.

Cons: It's expensive, and if you are not using all the features / properly then it's a waste of money.

Price: around twice the cost of Mailchimp. But if used properly can bring more sales and conversions. 



info here

Summary: Omnisend is new but has good features.

Pros: Easy to use, has more features than Mailchimp. Offers easy migration from Mailchimp.

Cons: It's not as popular as Klaviyo / Mailchimp, shows good potential but fairly new.

Price: about 20% more expensive than Mailchimp, BUT they offer 50% off for first 3 month and 20% for next 9 month. so it's quite a good deal.



info here

Summary: Basic newsletter tools

Pros: Price is cheaper than Mailchimp and has the same basic features. It's still a good if you only need to send newsletter.

Cons: It's very basic, advanced integrations is not as robust as the others. Doesn't have a migration tool from Mailchimp so need to do it a bit manual. 

Price: cheaper, about half the cost of Mailchimp



Summary: Mailchimp doesnt support Shopify anymore, but can use one of the two app available which is Shopsync and Zappier to connect it.

Pros: doesn't need to migrate, don't need to create new templates, etc. Easy to use.

Cons: requires a third party connector (Shopsync)



Personally I have used all 4, and they’ve all do the most basic thing which is sending Newsletters. If it's just a hassle to move, can just stick with Mailchimp. But if you're looking to improve / step up your marketing game, then there are many features you can explore using Omnisend or Klavyio.

Abandoned Cart, even a 3-step Abandoned Cart

Customer Win-Back

Post Purchase Followup

Welcome Series

Happy birthday

Connects to WhatsApp, FB Messenger (with Omnisend)

From my side I can help to migrate and assist you to any of these platforms. Let me know.


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