What do does it mean to be a Shopify Expert?

There's probably other companies, or agencies, or freelancers etc that can make Shopify websites, but SSDC are a certified Shopify Expert since 2016, we are listed on Shopify's Expert directory.

Can you speak Indonesian?

ya tentu, mau chat dengan kami bahasa Indo / Inggris boleh

How long does a project usually takes?

A basic project usually takes 3-4 weeks

What about payments?

Payments is usually split into 3. 1st payment before the project starts, 2nd payment when project is halfway done, and 3rd payment after the website is launched. For pricing info please visit our pricing page.

Indonesian Specific Questions

What payment gateway do you prefer for Indonesia?

We  recommend Xendit and also Midtrans

What shipping methods are available with Shopify?

Automatic rates from JNE, Sicepat, J&T, Antaraja and more is supported.

Bisa print dan kirim resi otomatis?

bisa, nanti menggunakan app Shipdeo

Kalau pengiriman ke luar negri enaknya pake apa ya?


Kalau mau terima uang dalam USD enaknya pake apa ya?

Sementara ini opsi nya terbatas, jadi baiknya pake PayPal aja yang sudah cukup standar.


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